SiCp/Al5056 Composite Coatings Applied to A Magnesium Substrate by Cold Gas Dynamic Spray Method for Corrosion Protection

Yingying Wang, Bernard Normand, Hanlin Liao, Guofeng Zhao, Nicolas Mary, Junlei Tang
2020 Coatings  
Corrosion protection using cold spraying is a promising method to address the shortcomings associated with classical techniques for protecting magnesium alloys from corrosion. In this study, SiCp/Al 5056 composite coatings were prepared on a magnesium substrate using cold spraying. The effects on the microstructure and corrosion properties after adding SiC were analysed. To evaluate the durability of the cold-sprayed Al-based coatings on Mg, galvanic corrosion, immersion and thermal cycling
more » ... thermal cycling tests were conducted. The results show that cold-sprayed aluminium coatings serve as a reliable cathode for magnesium substrates. The addition of SiC particles increases the galvanic potential and decreases the galvanic reduction current of the coating/substrate couple. The SiCp/Al 5056 composite coatings show better corrosion resistance than that of the Al 5056 coating in extended immersion tests due to the densification of the coating under the peening effect of hard particles. Moreover, SiC particles with an average size of 15.6 µm show more improvement than with SiC particles having an average size of 72.8 µm. The cold-sprayed SiCp/Al 5056 composite coating also presents excellent properties in the thermal cycling tests. After applying failure mode parameters in the thermal cycling tests, the composite coating demonstrates good adhesion as cracking was located in the Mg substrate and not at the interface.
doi:10.3390/coatings10040325 fatcat:ouhbihusnfdy3iszpwzh4hmh7a