Analysis of the effects of the continuous electrode paste band on precordial leads of the electrocardiogram

Carlos Henrique Purper Petterson, Nelson Rudi Koehler, Ronaldo Passos, Iuri Christmann
1999 Arquivos Brasileiros de Cardiologia  
Objective -To determine if the application of a continuous electrode paste band on precordial leads results in alteration of the electrocardiographic tracing as compared with an adequate amount of electrode paste, and if the former condition does not cause uniform morphologies from V1 to V6. Methods -The amplitude and morphology of the electrocardiographic waves on the precordial leads in electrocardiographic tracings, which were performed with standard (control group) or excessive (continuous
more » ... essive (continuous band) application of the electrode paste, were compared. Results -None of the 106 patients studied showed uniformity of the QRS morphology from V1 to V6. The eletrocardiographic alterations identified in the tracings performed with a continuous electrode paste band that showed statistical significance in relation to the control group were the following: inversion of the P wave in V1; inversion of the T wave in V1, V2, and V3; appearance of R' waves in V1 and V2; disappearance of S waves in V1; appearance of S waves in V5 and V6; alterations in the amplitude of almost all waves, in all leads. Conclusion -Application of a continuous electrode paste band in the precordial leads may cause significant alterations in the electrocardiographic tracing obtained.
doi:10.1590/s0066-782x1999000900002 pmid:10754581 fatcat:k7lvt23xrrh53bdlaj5ccyojy4