B. Catanese, P. Sechi, A. Cuccurese, A. Poeta, G. De Angelis, P. Marini, C. Mattiacci, R. Rossi, R. Pezzato, B. Cenci Goga
2011 Italian Journal of Food Safety  
The present study aimed at identifying the procedures for current methods of religious slaughter. It consisted of spot visits in abattoirs carried out from October 2008 to March 2009 in Italy. The species covered were cattle, sheep and poultry. During this period, five abattoirs in three different Italian regions were assessed. All the animals were slaughtered without stunning. A reliable protocol was developed to record each animal during slaughter, to get 329 minutes and 28 seconds of video.
more » ... seconds of video. 313 animals were observed by video image analysis for both halal slaughter and shechita. Observed parameters are discussed in the light of animal welfare. Remarks on restraining methods as well as post-cut clinical indicators of consciousness are considered.
doi:10.4081/ijfs.2011.1s.203 fatcat:kav54q5yu5hulkufbucpfelioa