Modelling ocean circulation, climate and oxygen isotopes in the ocean over the last 120 000 years

R. Marsh, M. P. L. M. Smith, E. J. Rohling, D. J. Lunt, T. M. Lenton, M. S. Williamson, A. Yool
2006 Climate of the Past Discussions  
A new Earth System Model of Intermediate Complexity, GENIE-1, is used to simulate the most recent glacial-interglacial cycle by prescribing orbital forcing, atmospheric CO 2 concentration, and the time evolution of ice sheet extent and orography. A series of experiments investigates uncertainty in the amplitude, frequency and location 5 of prescribed meltwater pulses (MWPs) associated with Heinrich events in the North Atlantic and layers enriched in ice rafted debris around Antarctica.
more » ... d with each MWP is a flux into the ocean of very light glacial oxygen isotope ratios, which serve as a tracer of the melt water. Additionally accounted for are temperature-related changes in the fractionation of stable oxygen isotopes between water and calcite. Mod-10
doi:10.5194/cpd-2-657-2006 fatcat:hgn6vg56undwhbqk7slnapgsfe