BAZ volume 91 Issue 3 Cover and Back matter

2015 Bulletin of the Australian Mathematical Society  
biflatness of Lau product of Banach algebras defined by a Banach algebra morphism 134 AHMAD, B.; see ZHANG, L. 116 ALI, S. and KHAN, A. N.; On commutativity of Banach algebras with derivations 419 ANDRUSZKIEWICZ, R. R. and WORONOWICZ, M.; On SI-groups 92 BARNES, D. W.; Conditions for a Schunck class to be a formation 69 BENMOUSSA, M. T. and GUERBOUSSA, Y.; Some properties of semiabelian p-groups 86 BIVIÀ-AUSINA, C. A.; Multiplicity and Łojasiewicz exponent of generic linear sections of monomial
more » ... ections of monomial ideals 191 BURNESS, T. C. and COVATO, E.; On the prime graph of simple groups 227 CALDERÓN MARTÍN, A. J.; (Anti)commutative algebras with a multiplicative basis 211 CASTILLO-MEDINA, J., EBRAHIMI-FARD, K. and MANCHON, D.; Unfolding the double shuffle structure of q-multiple zeta values 368 CATINO, F., COLAZZO, I. and STEFANELLI, P.; On regular subgroups of the affine group 76 CAVE, C. and DREESEN, D.; Embeddability of generalised wreath products 250 CHAOPRAKNOI, S., PHONGPATTANACHAROEN, T. and PRAKITSRI, P.; The natural partial order on linear semigroups with nullity and co-rank bounded below 104 CHEN, Y.; see HU, X. 177 CHUDZIAK, J.; Continuous on rays solutions of a Gołab-Schinzel type equation 273 CIEŚLAK, W. and MOZGAWA, W.; Extremal perimeters of quadrangles in the Poncelet porism 487 COLAZZO, I.; see CATINO, F. 76 COOPER, S. and YE, D.; Eisenstein series to the tredecic base 19 CORR, B. P.; Estimation and computation with matrices over finite fields 175 COVATO, E.; see BURNESS, T. C. 227 DEREGOWSKA, B. and LEWANDOWSKA, B.; On the minimal property of de la Vallée Poussin's operator 129 DONG, Y. and ZHENG, B.; On hyperstability of additive mappings onto Banach spaces 278 DOW, A. and GUERRERO SÁNCHEZ, D.; Domination conditions under which a compact space is metrisable 502 DREESEN, D.; see CAVE, C. 250 DUKE, W. and NGUYEN, H. N.; Infinite products of cyclotomic polynomials 400 DUTTER, S.; Gaps in Taylor series of algebraic functions 412 525 https://doi.
doi:10.1017/s0004972714000987 fatcat:nd4geirrrbhzpkutotaoycoyfe