"Micro" Phraseology in Action: A Look at Fixed Binomials

Dušan Gabrovšek
2011 ELOPE  
Multiword items in English are a motley crew, as they are not only numerous but also structurally, semantically, and functionally diverse. The paper offers a fresh look at fixed binomials, an intriguing and unexpectedly heterogeneous phraseological type prototypically consisting of two lexical components with the coordinating conjunction and – less commonly but, or, (n)either/ (n)or – acting as the connecting element, as e.g. in body and soul, slowly but surely, sooner or later, neither fish
more » ... er, neither fish nor fowl. In particular, their idiomaticity and lexicographical significance are highlighted, while the cross-linguistic perspective is only outlined.
doi:10.4312/elope.8.1.19-29 fatcat:q7brsrzoqjf6bhmgca2ugsekbm