Correlating tauonic B decays with the neutron electric dipole moment via a scalar leptoquark

Andreas Crivellin, Francesco Saturnino
2019 Physical Review D  
In this article we investigate the correlations between tauonic $B$ meson decays (e.g. $B\to \tau\nu$, $B\to D^{(*)}\tau\nu$, $B\to \pi\tau\nu$) and electric dipole moments (EDMs), in particular the one of the neutron, in the context of the $S_1$ scalar leptoquark (LQ). This LQ naturally arises in the R-parity violating MSSM as the right-handed down-squark. We perform the matching of this model on the effective field theory taking into account the leading renormalization group effect for the
more » ... p effect for the relevant observables. We find that one can explain the hints for new physics in $b\to c\tau\nu$ transitions without violating bounds from other observables. Even more interesting, it can also give sizable effects in $B\to\tau\nu$, to be tested at BELLE II, which are correlated to (chromo) electric dipole operators receiving $m_\tau/m_u$ enhanced contributions. Therefore, given a deviation from the Standard Model (SM) expectations in $B\to\tau\nu$, this model predicts a sizable neutron EDM. In fact, even if new physics has CP conserving real couplings, the CKM matrix induces a complex phase and already a 10\% change of the $B\to\tau\nu$ branching ratio (with respect to the SM) will lead to an effect observable with the n2EDM experiment at PSI.
doi:10.1103/physrevd.100.115014 fatcat:ehwuom74zzc4dnvy2uuplfa5ee