R.O.Sonwane S.G.Gavande
2019 Zenodo  
Most popular immediate release dosage forms such as tablet, capsule and pellet. Because of its convenience of self-administration, and simple to the manufacturing. The type of dosage from is some advantages such as improved stability of formulation. Improved bioavablity of Product. Rapid onset action and cost effective as compare to other dosage formulation. They disintegrant are selected as type of dosage and physical characteristics of drugs. The basic approach used in development tablets,
more » ... lopment tablets, capsule and pellet as the use of some excipient like superdisintegrants, Bulking agent, Emulsifying agent, Binders, Lubricants, Flavouring and Sweetening agent As a drug entity nears the end of its patent life, it is common for pharmaceutical manufacturers to develop a given drug entity in a latest and improved dosage form. The manufacturing of Immediate release tablet, capsule and pellet they using various method such as, Tablet Modling, Wet Granulation, Direct Compression, Solid Dispersion. capsule Direct filling, wet Granulation, and pellets Extrusion, Sphronization, Globulation, Spray Drying, Spray congealing, Compression. Key Words:- Immediate Release, Superdisintigrent, Conventional Techniques.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.2652692 fatcat:wzcd3kitnzbe5ox76vn64rihua