Grit-passion and grit-perseverance in ultramarathon runners

Julie Marie Cousins, Madeline J. Peterson, Andrew N. Christopher, Andrea P. Francis, Heather H. Betz
2020 Journal of Human Sport and Exercise  
The purpose of this study was to investigate the relationship between ultramarathon running, grit-passion, and grit-perseverance. A total of 153 ultramarathon runners (age = 40.5  9.0 years) answered demographic questions and completed a survey measuring subcomponents of grit via Google Forms. Grit was measured with the 12-item Grit Scale consisting of two subscales: consistency of interest (grit-passion) and perseverance of effort (grit-perseverance). The ultramarathon runners were recruited
more » ... ers were recruited through emails from race directors, Facebook groups, and email invitations from the primary investigator. Statistical analyses were performed using Pearson product-moment correlations and a one-way ANOVA. Significance was set to p < .05. There was a positive correlation between number of years running and grit-passion (r = .17, p = .039). On average, participants had spent 14.4  9.8 years running and had competed in ultramarathons for 4.3  3.5 years. A positive correlation was found between the number of kilometres run per week and grit-passion (r = .22, p = .007). Participants, on average, ran 57.9  21.4 kilometres per week. For grit-perseverance, there was a statistically significant difference between the short and medium distance groups of ultramarathon runners when compared to the group of runners completing timed ultramarathon races (p = .002). Failure to complete their last ultramarathon was not significantly associated with grit-passion (p = .37) or grit-perseverance (p = .92).
doi:10.14198/jhse.2021.164.18 fatcat:zkuer3fzhvevjoqrupeuczshza