Jean Michelet Jean-Michel
2015 International Journal of Differential Equations and Applications  
Critical path method is widely used in project scheduling and controlling. The task of finding the crisp critical path has received researcher's attention over the past two decades. It has wide range of applications in planning and scheduling the large projects. The unknowns and vagueness about the time duration for activities in network-planning have led to the development of fuzzy critical path. To express more uncertainty and people's hesitancy in daily life, hesitant fuzzy is a very useful
more » ... y is a very useful technique. In this paper we introduce a new method to find critical path using hesitant fuzzy in a network where total completion times of a project in more than one path are same. In other words, by considering hesitant fuzzy we can overcome the problem that arises when more than one path are having the same total crisp activity time. We introduce a new operator as well to be used in ranking methods and apply hesitant fuzzy (as hesitant fuzzy is a very useful technique to express people's hesitancy in daily life) for activity times to find out the critical path. To be precise, in this paper a new operator (to be used in ranking methods) and a solution to above mentioned critical path problem (using hesitant fuzzy) have been discussed with the aid of a numerical example.
doi:10.12732/ijpam.v101i4.1 fatcat:ksclap4wj5fi5bidip4qadn2pm