Are presbyopes willing to pay for spectacles? A Cross-sectional study'' [post]

2019 unpublished
Objective Cross-sectional study design were used to assess willingness to pay for spectacles among south Gondar presbyopic population.Results Of the total 322 people participating in the study, only 53.4% (172) were experienced by spectacles users. The median gross monthly income of participants was US$ 75.0 (ranged US$ 7.1 -321.4) and the mean amount of money willing to pay for a pair of spectacles was US$ 17.9 (ranged US$ 1.1-107.1). Participants who were willing to pay US$ 12.5 for a pair of
more » ... 12.5 for a pair of spectacles from a government optical accounted for 63.0% (95% CI: 57.8-68.3), while those willing to pay the minimum international pair of spectacle price US$ 5.6 were accounted 73.9% (95% CI: 68.9-79.2%) and spectacle from local private optical price US$ 17.8 accounted 46.6% (95% CI: 40.4-52.2). Multivariate logistic regression analysis indicated factors such as age (P=0.049), occupation (0.001), monthly income (0.001) and history of the previous spectacle wear (0.005) to be signi cantly associated with willingness to pay for a pair of spectacles. Public willingness to pay for a pair of spectacle has to be supported with the accessible provision of spectacles to increase spectacle coverage among presbyopic individuals.
doi:10.21203/rs.2.16524/v1 fatcat:67tx2bvmnnhapo63wchia5dzwi