Characteristics of hepatic solitary necrotic nodules on contrast-enhanced ultrasonography [post]

Chunyu Lu, Shaoshan Tang, Xiaoyue Zhang, Yang Wang, Kaiming Wang, Peng Shen
2020 unpublished
Background:To summarize the characteristics of solitary necrotic nodules (SNN) in the liver observed under contrast-enhanced ultrasonography (CEUS).Methods:Conventional ultrasonography (US) and CEUS were performed in 24 patients who were confirmed to have SNN by pathological assessment. The US data and dynamic enhancement patterns of CEUS were recorded and retrospectively analyzed.Results:All patients underwent CEUS, and of these, 10 patients underwent surgical resection, while 14 patients
more » ... le 14 patients underwent a puncture biopsy to confirm SNN. Among the 24 patients, 13 patients had a single lesion and 11 patients had multiple lesions,the largest lesion was selected for CEUS examination. Eleven patients presented no enhancement in all three phases, while the other 13 patients presented with a peripheral thin rim-like enhancement in the arterial phase, an iso-enhancement in the portal phase and delayed phase, and no enhancement in the interior of the lesions. Conclusions:SNN has characteristic findings on the CEUS, which play an important role in the differential diagnoses of liver focal lesions.
doi:10.21203/ fatcat:bwvj6fsrbzfptiqzi4ecrcqqxa