Permanent campaign in Poland – causes, elements, importance

Agnieszka Zaręba
2016 Figshare  
A permanent campaign is one of the elements of political communication. It can be observed as a process since at least 2004. The aim of this analysis is the description of the phenomenon of the permanent campaign in Poland in terms of its genesis, elements and importance. The permanent campaign in Poland depends on several factors. First of all, its existence is possible thanks to the development of new media, political advising, and media visibility of politician's activity. The permanent
more » ... The permanent campaign has lasted in Poland since 2004. It is connected with the development of political consulting and the appearance for the first time in Poland of specific media performances, such as inquiry committees. They were a kind of media attraction for viewers. An important element of the permanent campaign is the functioning of a multi-dimensional conflict between the rulers and the opposition. Antagonism is usually based ona different system of values, is difficult to eliminate, is profitable for both sides of the conflict, because it arouses the interest of the media and the audience's attention.
doi:10.6084/m9.figshare.4284647 fatcat:arniaqgvg5cklmhzxieliclyyq