Ідентифікація нелінійностей нейрональних систем спинного мозку методом псевдовипадкових стимулів

O. O. Shugurov
2010 Vìsnik Dnìpropetrovsʹkogo Unìversitetu: Serìâ Bìologìâ, Medicina  
We have investigated nonlinear properties of integrative system of a spinal cord (SC) of cats by the method of pseudo-casual stimulation of nerves as well as the evoked potentials (EP) of SC. Nonlinearity of target reaction was estimated by calculation of nuclei of a Viner series. We have found the first three nuclei, which enabled us to describe adequately N1-components and Р-phase of EPSC. We have shown that for the descriptions of N2- and N3-components of EP one needs a calculation of nuclei
more » ... lculation of nuclei of a high order.
doi:10.15421/021032 fatcat:z35jwfkexzaevgyuk54vgctxgy