Mortality due to acute diarrheal diseases in Cuba, 1987-1993
Mortalidad por enfermedades diarreicas agudas en Cuba, 1987-1993

I Vidal García, O Padilla Pérez, C H Toledo Vila, I Rodríguez Avila
1998 Revista Cubana de Medicina Tropical  
Data available at the National Statistics Division of the Ministry of Public Health were studied aimed at characterizing mortality due to acute diarrheal diseases (ADD). 2,934 persons died for this reason in Cuba from 1987 to 1993. Data were tabulated according to age groups, sex, occupation, province of residence, death date and necropsy. Lost potential years of life were calculated and tests of statistical significance were applied to the differences found. It was observed that mortality due
more » ... that mortality due to ADD tended to increase during the last 4 years studied, and that 62% of the dead patients were retired and housewives. 16% of the total of the lost potential years of life by all infectious causes was missed due to ADD. There was a predominance of mortality in the group 65 and over. Mortality was higher among males and the most affected provinces were the eastern provinces, Camagüey and the Isle of Youth special municipality.
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