The Breviary of Veniamin of Hilandar from 1838-1839

Hristina Toncheva-Todorova
2014 unpublished
The book describes the contents of the manuscript prayer-book of Veniamin Hilendarets, preserved at the Manuscript Collection in the Ivan Vazov National Library in Plovdiv. This manuscript has not been researched thoroughly, it is almost unknown in the scientific sphere; according to the preserved marginal note the manuscript was written at the Hilendar Monastery on Mount Athos. The book contains rare and valuable prayers and incantations some of which are of Old-Bulgarian origin; others are a
more » ... igin; others are a result of a centuries-old euchological literary tradition. The scientific conclusions describe the so-called late correction of euchological books-a term established in the scientific sphere by the author of this book as a result of her long research on this liturgical book. There is a computer composition of the text which is as close to the original as possible. A lexical index consisting of 21 358 lexical items, presented in alphabetical order, has been made with the help of a specially developed for this purpose software programme. The Old-Bulgarian types of the lexemes are restored in the index; their grammatical parameters as well as the frequency of their usage in the text are also present.