Non-Intrusive Load Disaggregation by Linear Classifier Group Considering Multi-Feature Integration [post]

Jinying Yu, Yuxin Wu, Chang Su
2019 unpublished
Non-intrusive load monitoring (NILM) is a core technology for demand response (DR) and energy conservation services. Traditional NILM methods are rarely combined with practical applications, and most studies aim to decompose the whole loads in a household, which leads to low identification accuracy. In this paper, an NILM approach based on multi-feature integrated classification (MFIC) is explored, which combines some non-electrical features such as ON/OFF duration, usage frequency of
more » ... quency of appliances, and usage period to improve load differentiability. The implementation of MFIC algorithm is consistent with traditional event-based method. The uniqueness of our algorithm is that it designs an event detector based on steady-state segmentation and a linear discriminant classifier group based on multi-feature global similarity. Simulation results using an open-access dataset demonstrate the effectiveness and high accuracy of MFIC algorithm, with the state-of-the-art NILM methods as benchmarks.
doi:10.20944/preprints201906.0169.v1 fatcat:dtvz2j5qqnfnxetmulcfdrdnkq