Isolamento e seleção de micro-organismos resistentes e capazes de volatilizar mercúrio

Patricia Giovanella, Fátima Bento, Lucélia Cabral, Clesio Gianello, Flávio Anastácio Oliveira Camargo
2011 Química Nova  
Recebido em 18/2/10; aceito em 10/9/10; publicado na web em 30/11/10 ISOLATION AND SELECTION OF MICROORGANISMS RESISTANT AND ABLE TO VOLATILIZE MERCURY. Mercury (Hg) occurs in the environment as a natural and anthropogenic element, and through the years the accumulation of mercury has affected the integrity of ecosystems and human health. This study presents a screening of microorganisms resistant to organic and inorganic mercury, the determination of the minimum inhibitory concentration of Hg,
more » ... oncentration of Hg, the estimation of the mercury volatilization by selected microorganisms and the dynamics of volatilization. Eight Gram-negative bacteria resistant to high concentrations of mercury (60 to 210 mg L -1 ) were selected, and these isolates showed ability to volatilize the metal. The dynamics of the volatilization of the Proteus mirabilis M50C demonstrated that in only 4 h of incubation it was possible to volatilize 72% of the mercury present in the culture. The results showed promising application for bioremediation strategies.
doi:10.1590/s0100-40422011000200012 fatcat:z4b6njbd65eixhagc5p5bk2vyy