Computational Intelligence based Triple Layer Perceptron Model Coordinated PSO Guided Metamorphosed based Application in Cryptographic Technique for Secured Communication (TLPPSO)

Arindam Sarkar, J.K. Mandal
2013 Procedia Technology - Elsevier  
In this paper, a triple layer perceptron model harmonized one time session key guided metamorphosed based encryption technique using PSO generated key stream (TLPPSO) has been proposed. In this proposed TLPPSO technique indistinguishable triple layer perceptron model is used in both sender and receiver side. Metamorphosed based approach is exploits to encrypt the plain text for producing level 1 i.e. metamorphosed encrypted plain text. Now, level 1 cipher text is selected to accomplish level 2
more » ... ncryption i.e. PSO key stream based encryption. Finally, Triple Layer Perceptron (TLP) generated session key based encryption get performed to produce final cipher text. This final cipher text gets transmitted to the receiver by the sender. Receiver side has same TLP synchronized session key because of mutual synchronization operation. This session key is making use of performing deciphering technique by XOR with encrypted text. Outcome of this operation is level 2 encrypted cipher text. PSO based key stream is used to produce level 1 encoded text by decrypting the level 2 encoded text Finally, metamorphosed based decryption is performed to further decode the text and generate plain text from the level 1 encrypted cipher text. Parametric tests are done and results are compared in terms of Chi-Square test, response time in transmission with some existing classical techniques, which shows comparable results for the proposed system.
doi:10.1016/j.protcy.2013.12.380 fatcat:nkihgwhqxnhihn3aqe2libbx3y