MOESM4 of Differential expression of IDA (INFLORESCENCE DEFICIENT IN ABSCISSION)-like genes in Nicotiana benthamiana during corolla abscission, stem growth and water stress

Daniel Ventimilla, Concha Domingo, Daniel González-Ibeas, Manuel Talon, Francisco Tadeo
2020 Figshare  
Additional file 4: Alignment IDA-like prepropeptides.pdf. Sequence alignment of IDA-like peptides from several species of the Solanaceae family (N. benthamiana, N. tabacum, N. sylvestris, N. tomentosiformis, S. lycopersicum, S. tuberosum, S. melongena and C. annuum) and from Arabidopsis. The CINEMA color scheme is used to inform about the chemical nature of the amino acid residues in the EPIP domain (blue, polar positive; red, negative; green, neutral; white, non-polar aliphatic; purple, ocher
more » ... tic; purple, ocher and yellow, aromatic residues).
doi:10.6084/m9.figshare.11665434 fatcat:wyxfuip7vjbw5ga3kvxmjyq6le