Origin and Development of Human Rights in Islam and the West: A Comparative Study

Sadia Rehan
2013 International Journal of Social Science and Humanity  
Human rights are the most complicated issue and challenge for the twenty first century. Islam has granted some fundamental rights for the whole humanity, without any discrimination that needs be practiced under all situations. The West claimed to be the founder of human rights due to which the people of the world are blessed with all human rights, otherwise they were steeped in ignorance. The question arisesare human rights absolute and bestowed on men by God or they are caused by the
more » ... ed by the development of society or created by the society itself? Basically to answer this question, the present research is conducted by making a comparative study of the human rights granted by Almighty Allah in the Holy Quran and contemporary human rights practiced in the west. The objective of this study is to explore the origin and development of Human rights in Islam and West. After detailed study it is clear that Islam has laid down a comprehensive charter of universal fundamental rights for humanity fourteen hundred years ago. This charter granted a very noteworthy profound declaration of rights. Furthermore it is concluded that there is no substantial difference between some of the fundamental principles set forth in the West and the Islamic precepts, whereas, there is difference in their approaches. On the basis of research it is concluded that the inherent dignity of man and his fundamental freedom tracing its origin back to God or divine inspiration. Index Terms-Development, islam, origin of human rights, west Sadia Rehan is a Lecturer in Islamic Studies
doi:10.7763/ijssh.2013.v3.189 fatcat:4wep62y4efffnfr3gdno43qk2y