Application of spent tea leaves as an efficient low cost biosorbent for removal of anionic surfactants from aqueous solutions

Reza Ansari, Peyman Hossainzadeh Khanesar
In this research, biomaterial wastes such as spent black tea leaves (SBTL) spent green tea leaves (SGTL) as well as sawdust (SD) obtained from Narra wood were used to remove sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS) from aqueous solutions. The effect of pH, temperature, amount of adsorbent and initial concentration of SDS has been examined. The result indicated that the SDS can be significantly adsorbed by the used biosorbents at their natural pH values. Equilibrium and kinetics studies were carried out for
more » ... the adsorbents to assess the adsorption equilibrium model that they followed. The correlation coefficients were determined by linear regression analysis, and compared. The removal efficiency, maximum adsorption capacity and cost were the prime parameters for the selection of the adsorbents in this study. Among the examined adsorbents and considering all parameters, SBTL showed the higher performance for SDS removal.
doi:10.17628/ecb.2013.2.283-289 fatcat:h2fhea7srrayfe4v7xfbrhxepa