Dr Ata Ullah, Dr Sunnia Shams, Bushra Khalid
2020 Zenodo  
Diabetes is a type of disease in which sugar level and glucose of body is at very maximum level. It is observed that the diabetes has two forms. First form of diabetes in which body makes low level of insulin. Yes, form 1 diabetes is that type of diabetes in which body starts producing no insulin or minimum insulin. Insulin is a chemical of body which is responsible for observing of glucose in blood. Test had been conducted in Mayo hospital Lahore to find the progression of these two auto
more » ... hese two auto antibodies. Studied had been conducted on those patients that already have form 1 diabetes. During studied it is observed that the auto antibodies present in body after 3 years of form 1 diabetes. Fall of auto antibody ANTI-GAD have been observed 8th to 9th values from 118 to 10.15. It is observed that minimization of another auto antibody second auto antibody observes fall on 10th years' time with this disease with the value of 56.15. It is observed that these two auto antibodies were present at 10th year of this disease destruction of beta cells exist that is responsible for making of insulin. If enough insulin body does not produce it leads many patients to death. Proper treatment of diabetes us necessary,because if patient will not treated properly then he/she will die because of this disease. So proper guideline and take care of Diabetic patient is necessary. Keywords: Diabetes, form 1diabetes, Mayo Hospital Lahore, death causing.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.4046414 fatcat:fszwl5jt5fbfvnkgcj3vtm6vv4