Classical-neural and quantum-holographic informatics: Psychosomatic-cognitive implications

Dejan Rakovic, Ana Vasic
2008 2008 9th Symposium on Neural Network Applications in Electrical Engineering  
Modeling of psychosomatic-cognitive functions is considered, in the framework of combined hierarchical brain's and body's acupuncture neural networks. It is pointed out that presented models of brain's hierarchical neural networks demonstrate encourageing advances in modeling cognitive functions. However, for modeling most cognitive and psychosomatic functions, the subtle biophysical quantum-holographic microwave Hopfield body's acupuncture neural networks are also necessary. On the one hand,
more » ... On the one hand, they demonstrate existance of two cognitive modes of consciousness, and on the other hand, they represent natural framework for explaining contemporary meridian (psycho) therapies for very fast removing of psychosomatic disorders, demonstrating close relationship between acupuncture system and consciousness -with significant psychosomatic and transpersonal implications. Keywords-Brain's hierarchical neural networks; body's acupuncture quantum-holographic neural networks; meridian (psycho)therapies; cognitive and psychosomatic implications.
doi:10.1109/neurel.2008.4685581 fatcat:rf3gw2rctbfkdnibeiq6uaqtsu