Memory layers, porosity and montage as representative interfaces of anamnesis and forgetting

Tuğçe Gürleyen
2018 A/Z ITU journal of Faculty of Architecture  
Geographical conditions affect behaviors, habits, relationship, mental and emotional orientations of people. The subject that forms the platform for the living memory creates the details of the urban space in the process of experiencing through evoking of the recollection of the memory as it forms the urban spaces. Besides, the role of layering is determinative in relation to memory with spatial organization. This study draws attention to urban places that allow their selves for the
more » ... for the possibilities of forming associations and multiple-reading of the memory, and representative interfaces. It will be discussed how the past lived, gained continuity and formed the sense of time in the practices of the present. While the coexisting is emphasized on holistic memory, the effects that layers and pores have on subjects will be addressed through representations. Within this scope, it has been envisaged to combine memory layers, separated from different contexts with porosity and montage metaphors. The concept of porosity is defined not only as spatial and temporal but also as the mobility of social codes, and transitivity between past and future. The montage in the layered unity of the space also relates to the issue of how two or more different parts form a whole with each other. In this context, the issues of how the relationships between different parts will occur during memory montage, which subjects or acts will define and increase the interval of space-time relationship will only be solved by taking the parameters of memory's spatial and temporal contexts into consideration.
doi:10.5505/itujfa.2018.75002 fatcat:fre24qwv5bajxbtdl6lnxmwdoy