Determinants Of Adolescents Sexual Behavior At Senior High School qXq In Banjarmasin

Nita Hestiyana, Dini Rahmayani, Henny Auliana
2017 Proceedings of the 2nd Sari Mulia International Conference on Health and Sciences 2017 (SMICHS 2017)   unpublished
Objective: To Analyze factors correlating with adolescents sexual behavior at Senior High School "x" Banjarmasin Technology or Method: This study used an analytical survey with cross-sectional approach. The sample used is 65 people at Senior High School "x" with simple random sampling technique. Dependent variables in this study were sex, knowledge about reproductive health, exposure with sources of information about sexuality, lifestyle, and romance. Independent variable was sexual behavior.
more » ... ta were analyzed using Chi-Square test and if not qualified, then researcher use Fisher Exact test with a confidence level of 95 %. Results: Result showed that there are correlation of knowledge about reproductive health (p=0,000 < α=0,05), lifestyle (p=0,000 <α=0,05), romance (p=0,001 < α=0,05) with sexual behavior of adolescents at the school. There is no correlation of sex (p=0,243 ≥ α=0,05) and exposure with sexual sources information (p=0,100 ≥ α=0,05), with sexual behavior of adolescents in Senior High School "x" Banjarmasin Conclusion: There are many factors that influence adolescent sexual behavior. Adolescents are expected to control themselves so as not to fall into negative sexual behavior
doi:10.2991/smichs-17.2017.22 fatcat:fbxwr5gbpfaitbhwkqcac4fzdm