Effect of music therapy, aerobic exercise and combined intervention on psychological and physiological parameters in collegiate athletes: A comparative study

Shahin Naz Jamali, Anuradha Solanky, Irshad Ahmad, Neeraj Kumar Tayagi
2016 International Journal of Current Research in Medical Sciences  
Purpose: Aim of the study is to compare the effect of three forms of interventions: relaxing music, aerobic exercise, and both in combination, on state and trait anxiety, RPE and HR in collegiate athletes. Subject: Thirty five collegiate athletes were recruited with inclusion and exclusion criteria and randomly allocated into one of the three groups. Methodology: Each group were performed with different interventions, Group 1-music therapy, group 2-aerobic exercise, group 3-music with aerobic
more » ... usic with aerobic exercise. The intervention was performed one session per day for two weeks. Pre and post measurement of STAI-Y1 Score, STAI-Y2 Score, RPE and HR were taken. Data analysis: ANCOVA and repeated measure analysis were used to analyze the changes in the psychological and physiological parameters. Result: Music therapy, aerobic exercise and combination therapy shows significant changes in pre and post value of STAI-Y1, STAI-Y2, RPE and HR while combination therapy was more effectively reduced state anxiety and trait anxiety when compared individual therapy. There was a significant group × time effect for STAI-Y1 score (p=0.012), STAI-Y2 score (p=0.001) and HR (p=0.016). Conclusion: So the study revealed that while music therapy and aerobic exercise, when imparted independently, both reduce the state and trait anxiety level in collegiate athletes, the magnitude of reduction increases if combined intervention is used.
doi:10.22192/ijcrms.2016.02.10.007 fatcat:5xms7mg6hvgivgbjoffw4l4t6i