Anthony Batty Shaw, Norfolk and Norwich medicine: a retrospect, Norwich, The Norwich Medico-Chirurgical Society (Norfolk & Norwich Hospital, Norwich NR1 3SR), 1992, pp. xxi, 175, illus., (hardback, 0-9518866-6), £10.00 (paperback 0-9518866-1-4)

Steven Cherry
1993 Medical history  
Book Reviews large-scale relief programmes by themselves and on their own initiative. The role of the Rockefeller Foundation proved successful not only because of its willingness to act while other foreign bodies pondered and consulted, but also because of its political acumen-key figures in the Foundation recognized from the outset the need to work in close co-operation with the Egyptian authorities, and so did not face the suspicion and obstruction confronting other groups. Even those who
more » ... Even those who might anticipate such results will remark on the crass politicization of the crisis. The fundamentalist Muslim Brotherhood, for example, attacked reform programmes, spread the rumour that serums sent from Great Britain were stale and useless, and argued that once female licentiousness and liquor advertising had been eliminated, this "challenge from God" would disappear. The Brotherhood, nevertheless, organized clinics and dispensaries throughout Egypt, but used them also for political purposes and sent thugs to attack the similar clinics set up by the
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