Technological Capabilities, Technology Transfer, Manufacturing Firms

Mohammad Reza Yavarzadeh, Yashar Salamzadeh, Abbas Poormokhtari Ardakani
2015 Zenodo  
With investigating the knowledge role and its importance on organization's performance, it can be understood that using knowledge and information has converted to an unavoidable necessity for the survival of organizations. Investigating the process of knowledge development in contemporary society shows that today's mega industrial society is an informational where increasing energy technologies are gradually giving their place to increasing knowledge technologies. So addressing the knowledge
more » ... ng the knowledge basis topics such as knowledge management and its related components seems necessary for organization's performance improvement. This main question is discussed in this study that if there is a significant relationship between knowledge management and organizational innovation and if these two components are effective on organization's performance. Sub-hypotheses in this study, investigate the relationship between considered aspects and organizational performance with expanding related components with knowledge management and organizational innovation. The goal of this study is proposing a strategy for improving organization's performance based on knowledge management components and organizational innovation. The methodology is functional in terms of goal and descriptivecorrelation in terms of collecting data. For collecting data the number of 140 people of staffs, managers and assistants of tax affairs organization of Yazd were selected as sample size. The collecting data tools were questionnaires in this research which 3 questionnaires were used here. For analyzing data, descriptive statistics and inferential are used such as KS test, Pearson correlation and simple and multi linear regression
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3461490 fatcat:hricuw36tfejpiua2xsosqu6pe