CCCIII.—Decomposition of dithiocarbazinates

Sima M. Losanitch
1922 Journal of the Chemical Society Transactions  
IN the decomposition accompanying the evaporation on the water-bath of an aqueous or alcoholic solution of ammonium or substituted ammonium dithiocarbazinate (T., 192'1, 119, 764), two stages are recognisable ; a t first, hydrogen sulphide only is evolved, and towards the end ammonia. The formation of the ammonium sulphide is evidently due to initiation of the second reaction before the first is completed. The first reaction, in the case of hydrazine dithiocarbazinate,
doi:10.1039/ct9222102542 fatcat:owyzhxvtcfes3gtx5dv4z7esoy