İstanbul İlinde Hava Kalitesi İzleme ve Yönetimi için WebGIS Tabanlı Hava Kalite GeoPortalı Tasarımı

Fatih SARI
2020 Selcuk University Journal of Engineering Science and Technology  
This study describes the development of an Air Quality GeoPortal (AQG) via a Web-based Geographic Information System (WebGIS) in Istanbul in Turkey. The system has been developed for online use to present the concentrations of PM10, SO2, NOX, NO, NO2 CO, as well as meteorological data (temperature, humidity, wind speed and direction) based on hourly data from each air quality monitoring station. A prototype system is providing the viewing, querying and downloading of up-to-date air quality maps
more » ... te air quality maps on web pages via a Web Based GIS system based on Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) web services. Furthermore, the integration of a Web Map Service-Time (WMS-T) with air quality data allows users to access previous data and related maps by specifying a time value on a web page. Thus, it is possible to download air quality parameters in desktop GIS systems and web pages in map format for a desired time interval. The system architecture is based on open source software integration including GeoServer and OpenLayers functions, MySQL database for data management, with HTML, JavaScript and PHP as programming languages in both the server and client scripting. Furthermore, the user interfaces are programmed to provide user-data interaction via web. The application includes the facility to download air quality data on an hourly basis raster (Tiff, Bmp, and Jpeg) and vector (ShapeFile, GML, Json and CSV) format.
doi:10.36306/konjes.640691 fatcat:3hrjzkq7wja5vjqmr76ppcvorq