Andrei Petrache
2019 Altarul reîntregirii  
The Sacred language of the Church -symbol and icon 1 . Language is one of the divine gifts that God granted mankind and therefore it implies, along with the possibility of communicating, a form of communion. To express both the presence of God and the reality of the spiritual world, the Church always used a sacred language, based on symbol, metaphor and image. The plea of this study is in favour of the apophatic theology that uses the sacred and plurisemantic language of the images, opposing to
more » ... images, opposing to the pure intellectual approach centred on the rationalist enlightenment ideal. For the Orthodox Church there are two distinct plans of existence, surface and depth, two distinct registers of language -conceptual scientific and poetical imaging. In the first there is reason, thought, conscience, and the words are mirrors that reflect the divine world and in the second are reigning love and symbols, evoking mysteries above words. Of course there is peril along the road: the voided language -the use of concepts or formulas that are devoided of any lifeand the conceptualization -the attempt to encompass and exhaust the divine mystery and the spiritual world. In addition to verbal language, the Church developed a pictorial language that corresponds to its experience and knowledge of the divine revelation, the icon -which is not considered simple art that illustrates Holy Scripture but a language wh ich corresponds to the evangelical preaching, that is to say, to the content of Scripture, to its meaning.
doi:10.29302/ar.2019.3.13 fatcat:o2ylqqqk3zgj5aiqaoiyq3lf64