2D resolution improvement via 1D scanning Space-Time Digital Holography (STDH) in Optofluidics

Zhe Wang, Vittorio Bianco, Yutong Cui, Melania Paturzo, Pietro Ferraro, A. Vasdekis, O. Fähnle
2019 EPJ Web of Conferences  
Space-Time Digital Holography (STDH) exploits the object motion to record the hologram in a hybrid space-time domain. This representation adds new capabilities to conventional DH, such as unlimited extension of the Field of View (FoV) and tunable phase shifting. Here we show that STDH is able to improve the spatial resolution as well. Differently from other super-resolution approaches, stitching between holograms or their spectra is no longer required. Moreover, we introduce a new STDH modality
more » ... a new STDH modality to record and process hybrid space-time representations. This allows improving resolution with one single object scan, paving the way to the use of STDH for super resolution imaging onboard Lab on a Chip devices.
doi:10.1051/epjconf/201921515001 fatcat:2hrfajalxzfrnjf4bqdnc42p6e