Carcinogenesis with mitochondrial respiratory degeneration was testified using a specific herbal medicine

Tsuneo Kobayashi
2019 OA Journal of Oncology  
Oncologists continue to dispute whether the main factors underlying carcinogenesis are related to genetic abnormalities or rather protracted mitochondrial respiratory dysfunction, both are core reasons for the occurrence of carcinogenesis. Thus, the aim of this article is to demonstrate that mitochondrial respiratory degeneration might be the true causal factor underlying carcinogenesis by presenting evidence obtained from experiments with a specific herbal medicine to inhibit oxygen
more » ... t oxygen respiration in cancer cells. Methods: The tested herbal medicine (Sun Advance) was used to selectively impact mitochondrial respiration of cancer cells, which is a hallmark of cancer, the results would thereby obtain evidence that carcinogenesis originates from mitochondrial respiratory degeneration. Results: In cellular and animal experiments, the Sun Advance had good effects against most hallmarks of cancer. Conclusion: Carcinogenesis is a form of disease initiation due to mitochondrial respiratory degeneration testified using a specific herbal medicine. This demonstrate that mitochondrial respiratory degeneration might be re-differentiating factor with the use of herbal medicine. Therefore, primary cancer prevention programs should advocate for life-style changes and dietary energy restriction. Keywords: Genetic abnormalities, Protracted mitochondrial respiratory degeneration, Genetic instability, Herbal medicine, Cancer cell respiration, Defective immune-surveillance.
doi:10.33118/oaj.oncol.2019.01.002 fatcat:ngrsszjqind5xfuaxqohcqoywa