Vital Statistics of Boston

1863 Boston Medical and Surgical Journal  
flic future form of the chest. The cartilages of the ribs in front and the breast-bone ought to have full freedom to rise upwards and advance forwards at every inspiration, for thus the diameter of the chest, from before and behind, is naturally increased at every act of breathing. Any pressure on the chest, therefore, exerted between the front aspect and the back, when the bones are still growing, must tena to set the further growth of the bones in an unnatural direction ; for in order to
more » ... or in order to maintain the vital capacity of the lungs, the capacity of the chest cavity from side to side must come to bo increased, at the expense of the cavity in the other and normal direction. The capacity of the lungs goes on increasing with age, and height, and growth, so that men from Jive feet to six feet high inspire from 174 to 262 cubic inches in a progressively ascending scale. The growth of the heart also goes on relatively to the growth of the body."
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