Anthropometric measurements and body composition of 14 years old children

Mandeep Kanwar, Singh, Mandeep Kanwar, Singh, Mandeep Kanwar, Singh
2017 622 International Journal of Physiology   unpublished
The purpose of the present study was to evaluate and compare the anthropometric measurements and body composition components of the 14 years old rural and urban children from Punjab. For the purpose of the study, 60 children (30 rural and 30 urban) were selected to participate in the study. Height of the subjects was measured with the stadiometer. Body mass was assessed by using the portable weighing machine. Widths and diameters of body parts were measured by using digital caliper. Girths and
more » ... aliper. Girths and lengths were taken with the flexible steel tape. Skinfold thicknesses were measured with the help of Harpenden skinfold caliper. The independent samples t-test revealed that the rural children were significantly taller (p<0.05) and heavier (p<0.05) than their urban counterparts. The rural children had significantly greater total arm length (p<0.01), upper arm length (p<0.05), lower arm length (p<0.05), upper leg length (p<0.05) than the urban children. Circumferences and diameters were also significantly greater in rural children as compared to their urban counterparts. Rural children also had significantly greater lean body mass as compared to urban children. In conclusion, it is evident from the results that the rural adolescents possessed better anthropometric characteristics.