Ethanol Extract of Black Sugarcane Decrease Ischemia Volume and Bax Expression In Rats' Brain

Ety Sari Handayani, Alfan Nur, Kuswati, Zainuri Sabta Nugraha, Nastiti Widya Ikhsani, Faisal Ridho Sakti, Syaefudin Ali Akhmad
2020 International Journal of Human and Health Sciences  
Background:Black sugarcane contains policosanol, quercetin antioxidant and 14-3-3 protein. These compounds are proven in a pre-clinical test of their ability to reduce brain ischemia. There are no pre-clinic test that prove the neuro-protectant act of black sugarcane extract on ischemia-induced rats, and how its mechanism to protect brain is not yet clear. This study's purpose is to find the effect of ethanol extract of black sugarcane (BSEE) towards brains' ischemic volume and to find is there
more » ... nd to find is there any Bax role on the BSEE's neuroprotectant mechanism.Methods: This study used fifteen male rats (Wistar). The rats were divided into three groups: group A that had been induced with BCCAO and received BSSE (group A), the rats that had been induced with BCCAO (group B), and sham group (group C). BSEE were given for a week, before bilateral ligation of common carotid artery. The BCCAO duration is 20 minutes, reperfusion periods of 2 hours. Rats' head decapitation is done two hours after ligation. Brain tissues were colored with TTC. Ischemic brain area were analyzed using Image I software. Bax' expression scoring was done in the brain preparations with immonohistochemical with Anti-Bax antibody. Anti-Bax proteins were anylized using ALLRED Score, while the statistic analyzing was done with One Way ANOVA.Results: There is a difference of ischemia volume's mean (p=0,018) and bax protein expression (p=0,013) on the rats brain.Conclusion: BSEE is able to reduce ischemia volume and Bax protein expression on the rats' brain.International Journal of Human and Health Sciences Vol. 04 No. 02 April'20 Page : 102-108
doi:10.31344/ijhhs.v4i2.184 fatcat:dk6zsg5l6zfltcqjs46xt4wmry