Analysis on Feasibility and Technology Transfer in Civil Construction

Juliano Prado Stradioto, Ariel Orlei Michaloski, Carlos Honorato Schuch Santos
2022 International journal for innovation education and research  
Technological changes brought a need to review the architecture of operational activities, and it was up to ergonomics to turn to what would be called "external variables", technological variables and sociological variables. The objective of this research is to build and test a tool that can guide the strategic actions of Ergonomics as to evaluating the feasibility of projects, in the operational phase, as well as in the technology transfer that these projects may present. For this work, the
more » ... hodology used was divided into two parts: building of the research portfolio and building details as to the Project Feasibility Analysis model. Based on the results found through the development of a tool to guide Ergonomics, by means of the operational feasibility of the project, in combination with technology transfer, a tool called Capability Matrix was built, which proved to be flexible and efficient, having a greater potential compared to that of its initial design. This investigation leaves as a perspective for future works the application of the matrix to other civil construction activities, in addition to enabling technology transfer to other activities belonging to civil construction and the industry in general.
doi:10.31686/ijier.vol10.iss10.3970 fatcat:emub2kc7czagbfhuonywuz76wi