Design of optical systems with toroidal curved detectors

Eduard Muslimov, Emmanuel Hugot, Marc Ferrari, Thibault Behaghel, Gerard R. Lemaitre, Melanie Roulet, Simona Lombardo
2018 Optics Letters  
We consider using toroidal curved detectors to improve the performance of imaging optical systems. We demonstrate that some optical systems have an anamorphic field curvature. We consider an unobscured re-imaging three-mirror anastigmat as an example (f'=960 mm, F/5.3, FoV 4x4 degrees). By assuming that the image is focused on a toroidal detector surface and perform re-optimization, it becomes possible to obtain a notable gain in the image quality - up to 40 % in terms of the spot RMS radius.
more » ... rough analytic computations and finite-element analysis, we demonstrate that this toroidal shape can be obtained by bending of a thinned detector in a relatively simple setup.
doi:10.1364/ol.43.003092 pmid:29957789 fatcat:vwd6464grrezbfpwzx2ml2qymi