Микола Володмирович Кордон
2018 Intermarum: history, policy, culture  
Ukraine's energy security is part of its national security. Nuclear power plays the largest role in Ukraine among the four components of the electric power industry, which accounts for almost 60% of all electricity generated. Ukraine belongs to the countries that advocate further development of nuclear energy. An important task for Ukraine is to increase the share of renewable energy. The sun and the wind must work for the economy. Energy saving remains a problem for Ukraine. Ukraine has
more » ... s potential in energy efficiency, so it (energy efficiency) needs to be strengthened.There are huge reserves here. So, if Ukraine raises the level of energy efficiency to the average European, it will save gas as much as a country like Spain consumes it per year. After satisfying internal needs, gas can be sold abroad. According to other sources, in 2030, energy savings in Ukraine could reach as much as the amount consumed per year by a country like the United Kingdom. Therefore, the reduction of energy consumption remains relevant both in industrial production and in the residential sector.
doi:10.35433/history.111824 fatcat:bpd52kyo5faefepvo2fryamedq