A Study on the Policy Issue of the Terrestrial UHD TV for Viewers -Concentrating on the Problem of the Direct Reception of Terrestrial Broadcasting-
시청자를 위한 지상파 UHD TV의 정책적 쟁점 연구 -지상파 직접수신 문제를 중심으로-

Hee-Kyung Kim
2017 The Journal of the Korea Contents Association  
This study tried to examine the validity of the technical and institutional method to perform the purpose of public interest in terrestrial broadcasting. For this purpose, this study concentrated to the rate of direct reception of the terrestrial broadcasting that government and broadcasting company have offered since the digital transition. Results of analysis, it appeared that have not possibility of realization to set the direct receiving antenna and built-in Antenna for enhanced reception
more » ... nhanced reception of the signal of the terrestrial broadcasting. Second, the MMS, if not enhanced the direct reception, was expected that repeated the retransmission through the pay broadcasting as the time of digital transition. Finally, the disaster broadcast was revealed that reduce the effectiveness of the UHD TV policy because of the mutual interference between frequencies and the incomplete solution of shadow area. According to these results, it is expected to be difficult for a while to perform the purpose of public interest in UHD TV. ■ keyword :|UHD TV|The Direct Reception|Bulit-in Antenna|MMS|Disaster Broadcasting|
doi:10.5392/jkca.2017.17.01.496 fatcat:cwxc2vnoobbh3env4ffrjr3q7e