Response of the Asian Sea Bass Lates calcarifer Fingerlings to Different Feeding Rates and Feeding Frequencies Reared in Hyper Saline Condition

A. Salama, M. Al-Harbi
2007 Journal of King Abdulaziz University-Marine Sciences  
This study aimed to develop a suitable feeding program for the Asian sea bass, lates calcarifer fingerlings under supersaline condition by testing different feeding rates (FR) and feeding frequencies (FF). Three feeding rates namely; 1%, 2% and 4% and three feeding frequencies 1X, 2X and 4X were used in the study. Results showed that growth after 60 days parameters gave the highest values with 4% and 4X. FCR increased with increasing FR, while better FCR and PER was achieved with increasing FF.
more » ... Survival rates in all the feeding rates and frequencies were almost 100%. Significant relationship was recorded between growth, FCR and PER and feeding rates, but not with FF. No significant relationship in both FR and FF with survival rate. Interaction effect of FR and FF was exhibited in all the growth parameters and FCR. All the water quality values obtained were within the safe limits for rearing the Asian sea bass fingerlings.
doi:10.4197/mar.18-1.4 fatcat:jli2tkirqvbtpa42l5hic5h25e