In-situ investigation of deformation behavior and fracture forms of Ti/Al/Mg/Al/Ti laminates

Hui-hui NIE, Liu-wei ZHENG, Xiao-ping KANG, Xin-wei HAO, Xian-rong LI, Wei LIANG
2021 Transactions of Nonferrous Metals Society of China  
In-situ bending and stretching were conducted on hot-rolled and annealed Ti/Al/Mg/Al/Ti laminates, with a focus on crack initiation and propagation of intermetallics and component layers, which helps to clarify their deformation behavior and fracture forms. The results show that delamination is the early fracture form of laminate with or without intermetallics at Al/Mg interface, so Al/Mg interfacial bonding strength determines the mechanical properties of laminate. Various and irregular
more » ... tallics cracks lead to Al/Mg interface delamination in annealed laminate and help to release stress. Necking and fracture of component layers are observed at the late deformation stage, and the sequence is Al, Mg and Ti layers, resulting from their strength. Angle between crack propagation direction and stretching direction of Mg layer both in rolled and annealed laminates is around 45° due to the effect of shear deformation, and crack convergence leads to final complete fracture of Mg layer.
doi:10.1016/s1003-6326(21)65605-4 fatcat:ev2qjq3iujcslgvyr24tiiyoma