Theory of Electromagnetism and Gravity —Modeling Earth as a Rotating Solenoid Coil

Greg Poole
2017 Journal of High Energy Physics Gravitation and Cosmology  
Presented in this manuscript are conventional electrical engineering tools to model the earth as a rotating electrical machine. Calculations using known parameters of the earth and measured field data has resulted in new understanding of the earth's electrical system and gyroscopic rotation. The material makeup of the inner earth is better understood based on derived permeability and permittivity constants. The planet has been modeled as simple coils and then as a parallel impedance circuit
more » ... pedance circuit which has led to fundamental insight into planetary speed control and RLC combination for Schumann Resonance of 7.83 Hz. Torque and Voltage Constants and the inverse Speed Constant are calculated using three methods and all compare favorably with Newton's Gravitational Constant. A helical resonator is referenced and Schumann's Resonant ideal frequency is calculated and compared with others idealism. A new theory of gravity based on particle velocity selector at the poles is postulated. Two equations are presented as the needed links between Faraday's electromagnetism and Newtonian physics. Acceleration and Deceleration of earth is explained as a centripetal governor. A new equation for planetary attraction and the attraction of atomic matter is theorized. Rotation of the earth's electrical coil is explained in terms of the Richardson effect. Electric power transfer from the sun to the planets is proposed via Flux Transfer Events. The impact of this evolving science of electromagnetic modeling of planets will be magnified as the theory is proven, and found to be useful for future generations of engineers and scientists who seek to discover our world and other planets. Princeton University for general information on centripetal acceleration. Heartfelt acknowledgment to author's nearly 90-year-old father Delbert M. Poole, BSEE retired from Bonneville Power Administration for relevance of quartz crystal to RLC resonant circuits and thoughts on interaction of electromagnetic fields between planets. Dick Reese, PE for review and support. Author has made use of the online tool Hyperphysics for calculations. ASK Scientific formatted math equations and provided illustrations for publication.
doi:10.4236/jhepgc.2017.34051 fatcat:tpje5fvzdjbzxoiai45agrod6m