Numerical Simulation of Fluid Flow, Heat Transfer, Species Transfer, and Solidification in Billet Continuous Casting Mold with M-EMS

Wenjie Zhang, Sen Luo, Yao Chen, Weiling Wang, Miaoyong Zhu
2019 Metals  
Electromagnetic stirring in mold (M-EMS) has been widely used in continuous casting process to improve the solidification quality of the steel strand. In the present study, a 3D multi-physical-field mathematical model was developed to predict the macro transport phenomena in continuous casting mold with M-EMS using ANSYS commercial software, and was adopted to investigate the effect of current intensity (0, 150, 200, and 240 A) on the heat, momentum, and species transports in the billet
more » ... the billet continuous casting mold with a size of 160 mm × 160 mm. The results show that when the M-EMS is on, the horizontal swirling flow appears and shifts the high-temperature zone upward. With the increase of current intensity, two swirling flows form on the longitudinal section of continuous casting mold and become more intensive, and the flow velocity of the molten steel at the solidification front increases. Thus, the wash effects of the fluid flow on the initial solidified shell become intensive, resulting in a thinner shell thickness at the mold exit and a significant negative segregation of carbon at the billet subsurface.
doi:10.3390/met9010066 fatcat:bnrcactebbbonlpu4ucv7j2oo4