Localização de fraturas em rochas graníticas, no município de Capão Bonito-SP, Brasil

Abad Oliveira Souza Júnior, Jorge Luís Porsani
2002 Revista Brasileira de Geofisica  
Ground Penetrating Radar -GPR and Resistivity methods were used with the objective to detect fracture zones and the top of fresh rock, in ornamental granite mine, located near Capão Bonito City, São Paulo State, Brazil. Eight profiles of reflections GPR and 19 WARRs Soundings were acquired using antennas of 25, 50, 100 and 200 MHz. Two vertical electrical sounding were acquired too. Analysis of GPRs profiles allowed to locate stronger dipping and sub horizontal reflectors, probably related with
more » ... obably related with the fractures zones filled with water. Besides, were identified two shadow zones that can be related with intrusions of diabases dike, and one hyperbolic reflector with a boulder. The fresh rock was identified about 23m of depth. The results obtained probably will go help the project of mine engineering looking forward to advancing of work front.
doi:10.1590/s0102-261x2002000200005 fatcat:qgtxghjr2zb6raid756ucz6dxm