Research on Chaos Response of the Nonlinear Vibration System of Giant Magnetostrictive Actuator

Hongbo Yan, Yu Niu, Hong Gao, Hongbo Hao
2020 Mathematical Problems in Engineering  
In the present study, the chaotic response of the nonlinear magnetostrictive actuator (GMA) vibration system is investigated. The mathematical model of the nonlinear GMA vibration system is established according to J-A hysteresis nonlinear model, quadratic domain rotation model, Newton's third law, and principle of GMA structural dynamics by analyzing the working principle of GMA. Then, the Melnikov function method is applied to the threshold condition of the chaotic response of the system to
more » ... of the system to obtain the sense of Smale horseshoe transformation. Furthermore, the mathematical model is solved to investigate the system response to the excitation force and frequency. Accordingly, the corresponding displacement waveform, phase plane trajectory, Poincaré map, and amplitude spectrum are obtained. The experimental simulation is verified using Adams software. The obtained results show that the vibration equation of the nonlinear GMA vibration system has nonlinear and complex motion characteristics with different motion patterns. It is found that the vibration characteristics of the system can be controlled through adjusting the excitation force and frequency.
doi:10.1155/2020/4281418 fatcat:57jqv633gvbataoz7rqxroq5pe