The Investigation of Biodegradation Characteristics of Xylene by Soil Inhabited Microorganisms
토양 서식 미생물을 이용한 자일렌(xylene) 분해특성 조사

Phil-Kweon Choi, Pyeung Heo, Sang-Seob Lee
2013 Journal of Korean Society of Environmental Engineers  
The purpose of this study is to investigate the biodegradation characteristics of the xylene by BTEX-degrading bacteria, Pseudomonas putida BJ10, isolated from oil-contaminated soil and bio-degradation pathway of the xylene. The removal efficiencies of o, m, p-xylene in mineral salts medium (MSM) by P. putida BJ10 were 94, 90 and 98%, respectively for 24 hours. It shows clear difference compared with the control groups which were below 3%. The removal efficiencies of BTEX by P. putida BJ10 in
more » ... P. putida BJ10 in gasolinecontaminated soil were 66% for 9 days. They were clearly distinguished from the control groups (control and sterilized soil) which were 32 and 8%. 3-methylcatechol and o-toluic acid were detected after 6 and 24 hours during the o-xylene biodegradation pathway. Therefore, we confirmed o-toluic acid as the final metabolite. And intermediate-products were somewhat different with previously published studies of the transformation pathway from o-xylene to 3-methylcatechol.
doi:10.4491/ksee.2013.35.6.389 fatcat:4qboedkr4ran3ea7fq4iff2mfe