1909 Journal of the Society of Chemical Industry  
trcntmcnt iiicreoscd in cost far Inore tlinn tho cficicncy of tlic resulting purificntion. Hc tliouglit IL propcrly rcgulntcd Ccntrnl Autliority ~niglit do 1nuc11 good, not only in consolidnting niid guiding tlic ~o r k of intliridunls, but also in controlling tho S O I I~C S of witcr stipply, niid proventirig tlicir inonopoly by n fcw largo towns. I>r. 11. JIACLEAS \\'ILSOX odriscd tliosc \vho mcnnt t o rend tlic ltcport t o cut oiit nboiit t\vo-tliinls of i t mliicli clciilt witli dotnilcd
more » ... ttcr on first rentling, SO 11s to avoid confusion resulting from mixing this 1111 wit11 tho main body of tlic Report. Tbcro worc iiiiportr\nt omissions on tlic subjccts of scrccning, co~iipnrativo rcsiilts of trcritiiiciit of tho snmo sclvngc by clilicrcnt incthods, niid tlio nnturc nnd ninount of cliciiiicnls to bouscd iu prccipitntion. Tlic suggestions for stiiiitli\rdiailrg soivngc wort, on tho o m Iinild, iniprncticnl~lc. iind 011 tlio ather hnnd, too cnipiricnl nnd nrtificiul. The formulir proposcd wiis cvidcntly not n go6d ono if it lind to bc varied for c l i k c i i t scwngcs. Thc qiicstion of siispcndcd innttcr from ,ycrcolntiiig filters lind only bccn indirectly mcntioncd. llic roniovul of this iiinttcr slioiiltl not bo iicglcctcd, siiicu it contiiinctl n coiisidcrablc proportion of polluting mnttcr. It often nccoiintcdforns much cis fifty per ccot. ot tlic oxygen nbsorbcil figure. Tho question of storm wntcr was not treated in tho 1 x 4 m y . Hc wiis sum tho stiind-by tanks snggcsted wcrc butter t l t i~r i storm filtcrs, Imt ~vliiit \vris to become of tlicir contciits iiftcr tho stornis ? \\'it11 rcgiirl to fine nnd conrsc nintcrinl for pcrcolnting filters, Iic fcnrcd filtcrs of liiic iiinterinl wcro ccrtnin to become blocked. Ho ngrccd with Dr. lj'oivlcr iibout wnsliing tlic pcrcolnting. filtcrs, h t did not scc how this \vould work vith line inntcrinl. Hc
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