Risk factors and knowledge assessment of general public for chronic kidney disease in Taif Region, Saudi Arabia

Shaheen Sultana, Rawan Alqurashi, Thekra Alqarni, Maram Alnefaie, Afnan Kalakattawi, Rawan Alzahrani
2020 Zenodo  
Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is a worldwide public health problem since the rapid increasing prevalence of relevant risk factors, like diabetes, hypertension, unhealthy diet, low to no physical activity and metabolic syndrome. The current study aimed at assessing the risk factors and the general public awareness of CKD in Taif region, Saudi Arabia. Method: We conducted a cross-sectional study during the period of September 2019 to March 2020. For risk factors assessment data regarding CKD cases
more » ... regarding CKD cases were collected from the department of nephrology at AL-Hada Military hospital in Taif. An online-based questionnaire was distributed to the general public for knowledge assessment of CKD. 6th year pharmacy student at Taif University and nephrologists from the hospital were also invited to answer the questionnaire. Results: The data of 456 CKD patients with 600 non-CKD individuals were compared for assessment of the most common risk factors. 99% of participants were CKD stage III-V patients. The majority, n=371(81.57%), of the participants were >50 years old. N=328(71.93%) had type 2 diabetes mellitus (Risk ratio= 2.32, CI= 2.03-2.65; Odd ratio=5.7, CI= 4.36-7.45), n=396(86.84%) had hypertension (Risk ratio =9.65,CI-7.46-12.48; Odd ratio: 66.73, CI=45.19-98.54) and n=264(57.89%) had a history of heart diseases (Risk ratio= 3.62, CI=2.96-4.42; Odd ratio= 7.22, CI= 5.42-9.62). In CKD groups, 28.07% of them had low physical activity. In contrast with the control group, only 4% had low physical activity level in their daily routine (p<0.00001). In the general public (n=1419), 919 (64.7%) had poor knowledge, 273 (19.22%) had fair knowledge, and 227 respondents (16.01%) had good knowledge of CKD. Conclusion: The finding suggests that age >50 years, low educational attainment, family history of CKD, diabetes, hypertension, history of kidney stone, CVD and high BMI were significantly associated with CKD progression. We also found that the majority of the general public had poor knowledge of CKD com [...]
doi:10.5281/zenodo.4318067 fatcat:xjgehqe5ufdylnu4bhuzplzcxe